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GNINGI - Activities


Scientific-technical support for the state and military management bodies in the sphere of implementing the national maritime policy.

Research and development (R&D) work directed at development of means and methods of navigation, hydrography, marine cartography and hydrometeorology; all kinds of tests and scientific-technical supervision of R&D work designed to create the new technical means and t–ĺ modernize the existing ones.

Navigation, hydrographic and oceanographic surveys, the marine engineering explorations.

Design of the complex systems of the navigation-hydrographic and hydrometeorological support for the safety of navigation.

Design of the shipping routes and aids to navigation for the water areas.

Creation of the Unified center for the oceanographic and hydrographic explorations data on the World ocean. Creation and running of the bank for thematically space-distributed data, using the geoinformation technologies. Preparation of the initial data for production of the paper and electronic navigation charts and guides to navigation.

Information support for the defence and economic activities at sea in the framework of the Unified System of Information on the World Ocean State (ESIMO).

The specific feature of "GNINGI" JSC activities is the complex solution of the problems of navigation-hydrographic and oceanographic support for the maritime activities, taking the international obligations of the Russian Federation in this sphere into consideration. When carrying out the surveys and the work, the most up-to-date scientific equipment and dedicated software are used. All the work is completed in compliance with the national and internatio¬nal standards as the turnkey solution.

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